Yilmaz Gökcek is a German-born cosmopolitan, professional freelance photographer, enthusiastic art lover, and a graphic designer. Over the years, he has been bold enough to walk the undiscovered path, humble enough to keep learning, and ambitious enough to never settle down with the current “good.” Hence, he continuously challenges his common senses to bring out new excellence, making innovative photography a common culture across his business.

Along with his passion for photography, he is also significantly involved with the community and co-founded Pixelfrei (An advertisement agency.) He regularly travels across countries capturing the beauty of art and photography. His style has always been described as creative, fun, engaging, extraordinary, and relaxed. He understands that emotional relaxation and calmness are required to make outstanding photographs, and he achieves that by taking some simple psychological exercise that crafts the kind of attention and creativity that photography need.  
Yilmaz aims to use his images to please the eyes as well as question emotions and inspire reactions. Through his constant research for standard new techniques and attention with lighting, composition, and detail, he has mastered the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, and he is always looking for new and creative ways to bring passionate uniqueness into his photography. His first contact with Photoshop was in 1997, and to date, he has never looked back. He specializes in Landscape, lifestyle, maternity, still life, architectural, fashion, commercial, and event photography. 
This background and experience are why he is always enthusiastic to undertake new projects and responsibilities that will further contribute to his personal and professional development while giving the beautiful world of photography the best of him.

He is looking forward to meeting you and discussing your photography needs.
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